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Rohana Wheels | Rohana Wheels for Sale

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With over 15 years of experience in the aftermarket wheel industry, Rohana wheels strives to provide the highest level of wheel products. Many years of knowledge and experience in the industry, allows Rohana wheels to develop innovative designs. Rohana wheels offers a unique style wheels for luxury and high end performance vehicles; European, Domestic, and Japanese vehicles. Rohana wheel line ranges from sizes 18" all the way to 22" with the widest width to be 11". Most of Rohana wheel line is engineered to clear big performance brakes. Rohana wheels offers a wide variety of wheels, that cater to car enthusiasts who seek deep concavity or stainless steel lips. Rohana Wheels are a low pressure cast alloy, which is commonly approved for alloy wheels for the OEM market. Rohana wheels meet and surpass JWL and VIA specifications, while still holding the highest standard of quality control. Rohana wheels brings you the highest quality and innovative designs in each and every wheel in their complete wheel line.